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things he mentioned to a twenty pc and wanted to get to sleep. cheap we don't want to dig up the political secrets that are called upon to tell you done in minutes the film says he showed me the socialists the incident and went off to you to sit on the atp to tell him to sleep jealousy fairmont ensemble we put into choosing to suit your needs in a pot of gold he says. when we didn't see him in to be the ttp and the usual place to go to parkson to sing. you might see dixie. she was a if sleeping week of walking on the th e g due to the twenty eight seat inserts record. in the group was at the old one i know. youtube. most use it he said the top twenty. i find good excuse to cheat the ccp can. to get to go to http post it and it's so simple. you can read in a sheep and wheat into one kid when she won. issued the show they are going to let it go to a union of peach and susie. who are honest it looked nice with the cycling community about the walk due to the water was too long stewart is enticing the digital signing a deal in the end of sharia and the house down. it sounds all f
and may you to the studio that for me. don't although i don't wanna go with it. you could do he can still be too young to me she can hold its own right. now the media watching him. one can also shoot. went up the tunes of all. if we could do a shot on clear i didn't go to the tune of the soul please don't dump them in the queue up to a temptation now. took a one on the show pm monday to the car she was due to the un should you do the people to commit. who knew this was due. to which you can use the youtube again his lawyers will be going making much different teams including four to two passions tomb tchings don't know when he is. come along. the association. tony cling on to the flu. so we do want you to yemen to you how to fix it. i love. close the door. the board. call also for us. chill in the catholic teaching. my heart. all were deployed to shorten some cool to go forward. what a ride. you will succeed. the youtube youtube due to george and too sugary and took keegan. a new one. seen the show mosul the two qt. i the i the uighur. if you were to read it on tv. doodling some stupid o
. i don't. but it died will i am doing the moving picture show who makes these points into. its origin is a big secrets. and who knew each issue is that the business of more than this. in the late nineteenth century thomas edison's commences. i was introduced into china where it was cool with students. he was achieved all its traditional chinese prison to become a true joy needs and what students in the states. i know it. he boomed in the french and maine on the connections between thomas edison down the moving picture show. discovered this on. i know it. hers. it did it is. the sixteen shooting from the moment performing using pictures. julie was some . he was told it all went out. you yet. don't get it. and so on in june shooting was just getting going. see the new way to bully the equipment. he has displayed in all the way to release history. the law the it is. it's cool. in science and he became pope in teaching him that interesting sunny st. i was concerned the regional. he became a trainee in the change in puppetry trip to the age of sixteen. i miss now as tall as his puppets. i'
'm not for the wellbeing of the afghans i don't like this is quite important to make sure that he died to about three thousand people at t he didn't have a lot this week to decide whether or not to be used to keep us she seems that our kids choose to stay in afghanistan the people very angry with some of the mistakes done in the past oh we can do that if he gives several examples of places that the insulation up a copy of the koran or the case of this man means urinating on by the use of the insurgents that has angered at the afghan people and to convince them that the americans were not to make those mistakes again and the dirt from the white house would go and no way investigations are continuing and eleven on into tuesday's double suicide bombing that broke the iranian embassy in beirut a day before today's nuclear talks in geneva. at least twenty three people were killed including a roscoe cole attack i had more than one hundred and forty others were wounded the international community was quick to condemn the bombings. the attack appears to be a message to iran to stall backing the us out forces
that it is the longest speech. all artwork and she felt like talking. did she think that you don't forget to get the idea of what you tried to teach all up to three orchard he is so true champion. in the inscription on the aegean of the juvenile has no less than four hundred and ninety nine chinese characters the very beginning the fleets of this bronze prior post was linked to wars and schools. war of resistance against japanese aggression broken the archaeological excavation within and beyond caring soul finds from the excavation and eliza improvements to his nose sneezing page and was taken to china's green areas safe keeping. this is a report revealing the g man is simply a vehicle to relax from the palace museum on the way to create areas. he was one of the people ties with the responsibility of is causing the invaluable meg's family of pseudo news to come with the cultural relics from the palace museum and the then young excavation and often desperate circumstances i eye. he told the japanese invaders on the way in the freezing them across much of china. it was to get hold of the things three trac
many of the emperor's if you don't i know that eighty three years ago in the u nineteen twenty five on the same thing in the same month. it was much colder and aging which at that time was still call the eight pm. on the morning of the day the gates to hold a mental cultivation was opened after being closed for all of you all too willing specialists accompanied by military police. this is old he was here. i i i i i i i i i grew ceasing and cataloguing the new subject from a mental cultivation. one house to use i'm an almost and counting themselves was the news. it was discovered supporters late. newmont with the chinese character full traditional and placed in a truck. i know i i. i know. he says. palace museum in taipei has opened to visitors as usual. among the blisters students from various middle and high schools in taiwan may make the atmosphere inside likely than it was on wednesday. the admission fee from those whose entire thing is one hundred and sixty new taiwan dollars. but stevens angels' top and the copeland about twenty one renminbi schools can take museum in boston we
was when when when when. and you. the us. heck. the dpp don't care if they're going to get into. i am. oakley and acknowledged being wif me cancel an emblem of the two with built in store for you the guy. try. for the day. to be into them you know what caused the iata don't want to make it difficult to keep our heart. that's why our house is now speculation that he pocketed. i think i get back into the simplified. welcome to baking we know what he's like a cow new people the teenager thousand drawn into new bed and to date to your second tree state owned carrier will join the school can it be to reach a deal the resulting known times that of the tarts you can't prove them. kerry's tour comes at the invitation of eu foreign policy chief catherine ashton. she's cool wood making negotiations with iran on the hoff. both the p five plus one group consisting of all of the un security council's find permanent members plus germany. a senior us state department official says kerry's commit to teaching for he can help narrow the differences. b was diplomats in geneva to work with a possible
i'm in terms of number ending in terms of the scale of. the ok if i don't think. and that the hundreds of hundreds thousands from us honest eight. by the chinese government is a small and compact it is kind of average number because in the air you can see that in the year two thousand and eight when china at the southern provinces of china was kind of thoughts be that the snow. i think disaster that the us fed data from the us government was going around. um hundred and fifty thousand us dollars and the taylor spent a long correspondence obama the man who went back to attack had been six days out to me so by cp time for my essential that the sense there is theawful act the fool the government to do. so we have made our way back to provo but finally we were here a week ago during the storm in the immediate aftermath of the storm and the situation now and then two different stories. you can see right behind me. the ruins. empty houses and the streets. and this was not the case when we were here. there was a lot of chaos. there were people running around people wand
at the school room was taken from the mainland to time on in nineteen forty nine eighth when you walk. i don't see it. bpo cope with it. cnn that fill me with it if the bloc party and what did they get it why i'm doing now with that and what if somebody. some scientists to misrepresent to its official chinese painting in history most of them among the celts who tells them not placed on display in the palace museum in taipei. womb . woo hoo with no warning. this tradition. he's human time in january nineteen ninety six reporters from one time one rushed to the sea the act it's new to me. but it's yet to read about a tenth of may well because she secretly went into the cons. it's good to get paid for the werewolves. typical set up a grandstand seat with an ict and it seemed empty others into that cake out do you seen me in the exhibition section of the palace museum in taipei times about the incident. you seem to come in at least. and sustains me. whats the top and earn the time to see the boston call home. the tt she is. our thoughts. it is these. several hundred to as much as a thousand yea
. two thousand anti government protest is i don't like it at all. she's created a country that is unable to help the people. people are not getting any. july here in dixie chicks everyone started with passion. he was the beginning. here is to keep her ear the entire country will turn will look like newman line. we're not backing down the bride two thousand and eleven truth this is ma still the thai police headquarters of this was even has approved a scented k five. demonstrators also cut electricity at the national police headquarters as well as an adjacent police hospital the process of being led by a gentleman named sue pep talks about. he's a sixty four he wrote all the lawmaker is what is that every private is that he's buying two tall putting up like the fuel that every couple in ministry. to study this week demonstrated small the finance for him than any team in the streets forcing stop and back to a salon to govern crowds were reported nineteen provincial government buildings. this started last month of the unix administration try to foster pretty unsuccessful it that an amnesty b
in the first minutes after the sale stuff just what the past week i don't know whether the eleventh the still small diamante malachi three two hundred and sixty meaning and for some much needed us dollars a ton of reading the first hour he kicks be in that scene are actually pretty good to see what a concept that the two thousand and nine when a strong chance that the statue built is off being single can be easily shifted to the diction choppy seas in open it seem like i used to whom can be found and hunter river delta po river delta and the board agreed to in order of business and hope southwest and northeast china or so soaring consumer that so enthusiastic. then the allied campaign also causes trouble is for the whole country. extreme pressure on the justice system and explains to what is she is not what you get a king who i meet its reputation in the next two silk and artistic ventures to generate more revenue. many online shops extent still is purely a comfy little as two weeks. don't tell the cop who got his first kentucky defoe as telling folks started promotion authority estimate of t
until pan is finally put to paper well since then of coles we've learned that it's not just don't carry and say chaos often found but said foley other is the go all that grouping the un to nando's of the pendant five including britain. having including china. and also to see that the committee including gemini is an additional one that the biggie the dynamo what's with the bronze with it and when did they would believe that the deal had been finalized. it looks now. we face an impressive presence in town that a deal has been agreed. what were away saying mum mum. as of the details of it and how they got around these problems. all the uranium enrichment return the winners and others have been some really tough negotiations over the past few days now which so many ministers to rhyming in town and turning really expect an agreement to come out from the stops. well what we what we had to find out tuesday and haven't gotten to the engine on buying the ring ins to have the tv ad the ability to enrich the rainy and the recognized as an ad national rights. it all goes back to nineteen eighty si
. we don't want to torture and forty three when the surgical no future. like totally cancel the program since the only one for now. many egyptians are also wary. protests and clashes have become a tv appearance since former president foreseen was ousted a few months ago. now the futures trial could trigger an escalation into these acts of violence. but noo problem mostly use this tool in the future he didn't see violence the star that ryan was in the case must be good or else there would be a little of the problem of local. as for the post readers followers. they are divided into two with some depressed and others the flame will easily than that. we use today lead you to read. and even tries to use the airport when the normal some initial muscle chalet. the trial of former president boris he has also fuelled some gossip and speculations battle that most people look at in the trial he will refuse to go out on the copy room rather traditional gonna be and not the white pieces from kenya but she and annie annie and nic if you don't get what all these famous too. i would just be the trial f
dead. one of the popular hot tonight newspapers here. i don't see how newspaper today the highlight keep their wares all say that the us that is sacred to the state john kerry and mentioned that the us doesn't mean the steel and he doesn't recognize and on sunday when the policeman life and death so that i told these comments is that the feedback he only has a one dollar and u s is not just the oh so at macy's that comment here a week and see that most unfair and mean that most of the people in rio we also taught many local people hit the wall come to steal that they get us as humans and dogs and remain at least the steel pan green. i did the u haul and for their life. which in and of course it's erm just been announced about to. they will be more ideally to be done and a half more full. rangers incitement issued at the delights of time. but how strongly that this iran believed the deal can actually be fully implemented. well legally scene just after the beastie and down the tree so that the stupid thing i can blind us on the hunt explained at a specially on the new engine light and
no succulents. i will be meeting with the area. we hope pride and arrogance. i don't think anybody the state. there are support. gaps that have to be thank you very much excel will mean going to raise tolls. the us has confirmed that some sanctions imposed on iran since two thousand and six. with the east in the town of queen creek and verifiable man says that iran is scaling back its new can print them. but during talks with benjamin netanyahu and he is easily the prime minister told carry such a deal would be as soon as the state not to rush to start. too late. to reconsider. you know. those who are bad. the deal. it was a very long. it's very dangerous and bad and all. in some international community slam singles in the middle eastern country for saying about the deal that's unfolding here in geneva many of washington's help the highlights of course i went to see. the flooring of relations between the us braun was next to me all his blunt statements. surely a sign of the problem is that the us administration look around and securing support for its policy of containment of rollers. parkin
countries don't have the expertise that will bring in chinese expertise to help build this but they will of course cooperate with local serbian and game companies and contractors and of course fire staff and one of the infrastructures bill that would help our dogs ideally that will help the economy from both sides grow and strengthen that's what they're really excited about getting these sorts of deals here. the british prime minister david cameron is to pay an official visit to china from december the second to december the fourth. the chinese ambassador to the uk if you show me and said cameron would lead the biggest british delegation to china including several minutes as the total one hundred and fifty business leaders cameron will meet chinese leaders including premier league coach on. you also to visit cities in the east and west to get a better understanding of the country clemens physical be his phone since china's new leadership took office his boss was in twenty ten at a poolside be the highest level contact between the two countries in two years the charmain
everyone that the talking past and don't talk to karen mok soccer type lifted off just about forty five seconds back from t high court on congress to support just about fourteen km are from my opinions to be off by jen night of a break yesterday at me can see that that that the stuart chapman and olivia to efficient to have been looking at dynasty on this going to make a choice happens in the air to cars and protein are watching. aha the talking is proceeding. i too would be all that bad at this point in time the north of the rockets that have been an orange success we've got one b i t scouting masada light at this point in time i'm kind of see how that nine month join the debate expected to ip finds out what i'm going back to your question eighty four. israel is an extreme team fourteen mission duty to do d davidson was that important mission i've got the engine speeds the start of the night dh and i think and i despite the fact that they will many critics to riches but we could get onto spoken by the fact that probably should have concentrated on the missions like the ten day on beach
mom who lives in the crises and muffled. i don't you think either of them peaks case you were last on the blog to get into the next one to end with things to the dt call. it doesn't disclose the total mobile say about it. morrison is due back in court on gender it has refused to recognize the legitimacy of the trial court to appoint all border saying he will defend himself. this fourteen court she was a bald eagle lawyers and his lawyers are hoping they can convince him to change his mind. if it does. the trial could proceed faster. more season the trip to the nation declared a continuation of the struggle in egypt and as long as there is a one sided transitional period in egypt the country will remain divided. i didn't read cctv cairo. posting higher where russian forum is this a hint of rose and if it is this a geisha legal on the scene with egyptian officials. it is the first high level russian visit to deg seen as a possible shift in the life is. tensions between carter and washington and current up to the u s custody following the minute the house of muhammad more c meetings w
to the philippines. the ministry also about china as eon cooperation on this awesome prevention and control. i don't yet know. she said to yes cause severe casualties a massive property damage in china the philippines and the unknown. this underlines the importance for china and all donations going we help one another in times of natural disasters china in our two countries will continue to join forces and disaster rescue control and prevention efforts. value is saying that you're watching a few months ago the lions still pouring down again of the philippines by setting for there was a magnet used to one of four point eight magnitude earthquake struck the municipality of san is the drummer on just a few hours ago and that is in the top of the philippines affected by the typhoon. sam is intro is just the stall said lou and six hundred and forty one kilometers southeast of manila. the epi center of the earthquake was like i said at a depth of around sixty eight point seven kilometers of us know the tsunami alert as being issued. i was also remained strong with quite the master in the far eastern rus
is in thailand have taken to the streets of the capital bangkok for a fourth straight guy and i say don't i care about every ministry of the government part history to suit the style back then led a crowd of more than five thousand. i gather that the finance ministry which was shot and all the hype. o monday. they mix around and be the top of the special investigation which was then evacuated. real so i gather that the ministry of labour the protest is about to topple the government of prime minister the auction a lot. police have issued an arrest warrant for with this attempt but there appeared to be no attempt to detain him both parties said they didn't arrest him at the rallies as part of upgrades to avoid clashes with persistence. he resigned as an all positional micah to leave the demonstrations in parliament the opposition by democrat party has launched another confidence to buy it again seeing auction a lot. i use for the distraction of corruption. and according to an inn called the toughest these are a mess part is have forced at least five ministries to clutter is in the past two days a
being forced into loans they don't appreciate and i think that the felt needs of a hat so you know i would just say that president obama. what you type in cairo was a great start. box. if you don't get the whole picture and realized the role of women it will never tell. i hope that everyone in this room takes a moment today when you come home to think about why the most powerful ways to empower the arab and muslim world is and how the women so please please stop turning ad with how women human power of thinking. i don't i. welcome to nhk world islam and you know tommy until george here's a look at some of the stories we're following this hour. i am investigations continue following deadly explosions here communist party's building in china. workers at the toshiba ninety nuclear plant are preparing to move fuel rods from the damage to reactor building. and the soviet union once domined
feats such as we don't want to change deal teacher came in and show you have developed special conditions with me. they were wealthy and well respected in society and help me simply of friendship. more enthusiastic and knowledgeable sessions of peaking on. centered around these formed the group in the revolution has been teaching offer. many classic rock that waters of the mates who were planned range or suggested mind. they became an integral part of the evenings. ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay. they get the stall they are. we bought him a seat. oh the list here. see you in the gut. downtown macy's to slip into depression keypad. cannot keep any hole to win and we here you can see a kid that hobble are thinking of going down what made you a ton of fun. for once you are turning the idea from a fungal she in the night she got ted you wouldn't hear. in fact the mural years ago due to a long dream up new location in the news on the needs of the twenty two townhouses in the door so all the time j's room during usual. some of the monument huh huh a full time yet. the minute. i can push up
and that this day in some western media for his son's house is that you don't have a baby suspend its twenty percent yearly name the man but made clear that you've all got men have been fears that have stopped it so it's ultimately these twenty percent you mean in the wasteland is the main focus in based on the talks and also it seems from the human inside the wound is then eaten suspended the card into some analysts here and also the use of the hat i have interviewed one of the advantages that found that the tiny which you would think he and de emphasize that. meanwhile east many to suspect that twenty percent in the new enrichment facilities were built as the first that the good things that you are thinking mom. at the foot of the that my fil and mil also that means the back and think and recognize the long flight of the year the new policeman in its own folly of and also that offensive that there are no laws you think the people of iraq and i'll fill a yes and the focus and complete the facility was built. and that he was not responding taunting in an era of pushing from teheran. analysts said a
. the meal but she says mama minus two integer in the storm i don't know what to do she needs to have been exchanged and we still don't know what's on the needs of overwhelming and supplies are slow in coming. in a region such a neat also from the outside world. for those who have survived the cleanup continues. sifting through what was once our home a community of life. for now still certain sensation akin to someone all disease that caused some friends. for those lucky enough to reach the airport. i chose tuesday i know i really didn't mind because there are a lot of dead bodies career staying in my children are starting to get sick because the smell that is why we will head to manila. for those who remain relief called come soon enough. they're the same time philippine soldiers are tightening security in tact love and sissy up of thousands of survivors the typhoon high and drop into a rice warehouse on the ata. the widespread looting in the stifling devastated city has once again highlighted the urgent need for water food and medical supplies in an increasingly desperate region the list
and eight the price of modernizing the shipley don't pollute to a reported two point three billion us dollars while deadlines were extended timing and again. but some experts in india believe that the wait was worthwhile. once she does. we all pitched in with the meat trade you name it off. i would see that the ins victim of the tl wood and cons. india is practical and six. catfish announce this area. albania has rejected a request from the us to halt the destruction of serious chemical weapons stockpile. a major blow to international efforts to destroy the arsenal. i'm a twenty fourteen in antenna must address on friday prime minister and in my mind that it was impossible for albania to take part in this operation. the announcement was well come to buy about two thousand protesters who gathered overnight outside promise off is to demand that albanian rejects the plan albania was seen as a possible choice for the destruction of theory and chemical weapons. after a beastly destroy its own one place and gas arsenal. but protesters say the country is not prepared and has no capacity to c
. don't we just set up that is what you can tell a stillness abbas how long ago did it in fact take place. what sarah can you tell us about the death toll can you add anymore to the latest ago we had. that was fifteen day. i know i'll probably run the government to put it up this book which i did it the prophet. sure it will each pick. trump building to building on top the thought of it. other people laugh but that could be. i feel i need to queue. if we we might have to leave it there because that would try and re established the lion as to potomac was an offer weekly a five to. she was just pointing out that there is still a lot of confusion on the ground there and the major attack which is cool assistant already at fifteen and then on the number of people injured i will keep you up with ice and the week to get back to dodge only we will. now let's i go to bali in into the show with six people have been killed. they include for chinese tourists because they were in the van which plunged it into a ravine. the vehicle was carrying thirteen tourists from central china's demand provin
measures against them. there are some suggestions about this and don't want my smarts and on the arm and airplanes over to the elders in damascus that the film. send pictures are from walkers were far more prayers are very basic weapon that could be have made weapons. it's very difficult to do to protect prevent them even the americans according to roth was first spoken with him and the american and or supplying iraq with all of the house broken when a certain spark more conservatively. the green zone and doggone it was the sizzle not the fun of them americans. when troy got a great time and couldn't find a one hundred percent waterproof method. thank you very much indeed. parker's functions of my abraham and damascus. the us topeka inspite say you killed my nana says he's agency has received an invitation from gabon to visit the rock have you with the production plunged onto somebody's eyes among those announcement on thursday comes less than a week off to a nine mile commute to deal between iran and what happens in the latino pass this bill this is the international atomic energy a
its function due to indicate that the sense that to us. don't get into a communications and dishing out what excites him. see the ngv years ago on hats were told to reach on the pulpit. jesus this post will roll four provides both a challenge and an inspiration in deep space tracking and control of the alp on aviation command the toll sometimes witness all the time and space progress including this until madness space missions that on its previous two probes this is a place where the scientists and engineers collect a top one three signals and make crucial decisions at each stage. and it's here that i would buy another page of aviation history. amongst all the time buffer the cctv baking the movie. combing the present. i will post soon roper and explore. aunt trudy of town. on cctv. it would seem cctv means protest is in thailand have a place to sing bali. lolx on the doors of state run office is continuing the week long campaign to paralyze the government. eros approaches of the government have launched their realm demonstrations and basso as of the red sheds had arrived in the cap
no leadership intentions these are the issues so i don't think that's part of the current policy discussions say ok from where i stand. the question so do you need all their data. so i would turn it around and say i actually think there's a better way to do it. prime minister dimitri medvedev said cus they see the path past and doing the damage inflicted by allegations it has finally did some allied countries. he made the comment in any exclusively this interview taken late on thursday the push for the nsa surveillance in nations such as germany and france each chile spain and elsewhere have sparked anger among american allies. mostly due to the situation becomes. i think is possible but to be on its new assurances will copy of it what are you saying the situation. sorry won't do it anymore. or try not to listen the young you nobody will believe it. but it's a lucky prime minister now i am only he is personally appealing to us but for the brock obama for military assistance to help by the growing insurgency causing the worst violence in his country in five years. he stated to the white house com
well. the ecb. government said the us don't know or need to find them. this morning. what the other is a twisted knee. do it. an ebay we spoke to asked respondents to meet sharon asked he basically it's a comedic seeing tackle the heat and ask how people that having taken this into their own hands with little help. i'm writing from last night. does the heavy rain coming down that's being summoned to the last two weeks was to commence significantly hampering the rescue that the rescue recovery effort relief supplies getting in and out and post them in with the people who did survive many of whom don't have any shelter. very few houses survived intact system is people living and in the streets. the best with a flimsy tarpaulin covered when this kind of heavy torrential rain comes down it says anything they please help. it's a real problem with the empty of the relief supplies at the road just over a cold cup of the sea this generates mud makes everything the very inaccessible. it's a it's a big problem we would just down in one local community could send this as a small village on the
it and i don't know that got dropped that we can put it on or off it now. you take it what with the lanterns i got back. it's a cold beer. that has been a big problem government need to slow to arrive. just down the road that the apple he is the right thing. the massive cost. i can sit upright and on the way the pain the shipping and the medicine they didn't survive i'm not able to bring the thing that made barry said. they did this. why the death rate that is terrible. the dogs. choose one of the few blooms in the ditch that still standing local man has some rules so that the survivors of the family of six. she shows me that the rich medical supplies a bag of pills she had to fight to save them to buy. love is acute in spanish while they try it. it's very hard to get the help it's needed most. if you're reading about. but don't we radio. it's been a shadow of the time one of england's total the government that the government. didn't they most of the villages living in tempering camps built from the wreckage of their homes it's a struggle just to stay clean. and her colleag
is teaching a writing many don't the state they turn to the plane home in china is due to take two thousand tents medicine and medical equipment to the piece on the area on saturday. woohoo down to go to the dollar which fraudsters sixties when eaten any court ends at five twenty five square meets heading for its bulletins with bel rules medically equipment including x ray machines on the part relates his address places. this is not to be in all future hospital and it treats the engine as soon as possible as well as what sport star in the arts break and spread epidemics. he philippines is now turning towards rebuilding the last daddy is so bad that i attack on high and the un estimates the full recovery efforts could take as long as five years. so what other lessons that can be learned from the south bank towns of prepari for such strong beams up respond until the jam into one tiny evidence that there was no single custody. these are the center of storm passing day he comes up. it was a storm so strong. oas sn it like a fool. we serve a three hundred kilometers an hour and a wall of war t
respond and punching him in ten and had tea and an earring in law makers as we understand him. don't ask me trying to build a ten in the capital to get out the country's right to enrich uranium for peaceful purposes such as a more about that. in third kind. yes you have mentioned now and that the sneaker sees it and leave the station seems to answer various and steve moment and to add that to send you any media here despite these sad people are facing as an aside and go station and then click here especially need to go on and the atmosphere as very sensitive and there and bacteria have mentioned this and couldn't see it as any and five the semi official news agency fars news the cincy and they're just the two day stay here a some mind i'll make this year and the half. jesse did feel bad that cutting to the media and the discos that being the spirit of the month that the honey come from and to protect the new enrichment and icing the negotiation table and eats including assam the point why can't that you launch it continues to ring in the enrichment activity and they especially that twent
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